Entertainment Law

The Reynolds Law Group is a multi-faceted firm focused on providing today’s top entertainers with the best legal and management team in the industry. We aim to ensure each of our clients receive the discreet, personal advice and high caliber customer service, whether they are top-earners or up-and-coming superstars. Your reputation, your career, and your future need to be in the most trusted, talented hands in the business.

Our track record of expertise speaks for itself. We work with some of the top entertainers in the world and know how valuable every facet of your talent is and how far we need to go to ensure your property is protected. Throughout the years, we have worked with major production and distribution companies; therefore, we know how to navigate their legal teams and tactics, and we will provide the best outcome possible.

For musicians and music industry professionals, we will protect your talent and interests, and provide the best counsel in the industry on the a variety of matter, including:

  • Negotiate deals for artist-run and/or independent music labels with major distribution companies/labels
  • Negotiate various types of music industry agreements

– publishing deals
– songwriting agreements
– managing agreements
– producer agreements
– recording contracts
– concert booking disputes
– upstreaming deals

For filmmakers, we will help you understand and make the most informed decisions about the following:

  • Film financing

– raising funds for movie projects, both new and in production
– maximizing your capital investments
– structure distribution deals for films that have already been produced
– assist with drafting and formation of business plans for start-up production companies

When it comes to receiving maximum protection and representation in the entertainment industry, contact Reynolds Law Group. We are ready to help you get to the top of your industry with excellent counsel, fierce negotiation skills, and personable customer service.