Oil and Gas

Reynolds Law Group has been sought after in a variety of facets in legal transactions of oil and gas. Our experience in working with these minerals— with those who own the rights, those who procure the minerals, and those who buy/lease them—is vast and varied.

Reynolds Law group has the skills necessary to negotiate for the inclusion of specific mineral lease provisions; thereby, we ensure the future prosperity of the mineral prospect while elevating the lessor’s benefit.

Featured Areas of Practice:

  • Serve as paymaster regarding oil and gas commission payments
  • Lease negotiation representation for rights owners
  • Broker expertise between suppliers and purchasers
  • Servitudes and mineral titles; title defects and flaws
  • Joint operation and participation agreements, including buy-sell agreements
  • Purchase agreements
  • Optimum diligence during the acquisition of mineral properties

Reynolds Law Group is proud to represent both landowners and mineral rights owners; prepare and negotiate oil and gas leases on their behalf; and we will aim to procure surface rights for our client, and do our best to help retain the mineral royalties over the lease’s lifetime.

When you need assistance, contact Reynolds Law Group today. For a specialized field where so much is on the line, you need specialized legal assistance.