Real Estate Law

When dealing with major investments, be it investment property, commercial leasing agreements, or commercial selling and purchasing, Reynolds Law Group is ready to ensure every detail is inspected, every contract is reviewed and your investment documents are ironclad.

For commercial investors, the watchful eye of a dedicated legal mind is a necessary expense when making a major investment. Too often, parties can be taken advantage of or miss a small, detrimental detail—no matter how experienced in real estate they may be. It is imperative to enlist the counsel of a qualified real estate attorney before purchasing or selling real estate.

Our negotiation skills are the second to none. When you let us represent your interests, whether it’s determining the right price per square footage or reviewing any existing leasing/tenant agreements, we approach each discussion as a battle to be won.

Reynolds Law Group is also be valuable during landlord/tenant disputes. Each party may require representation; if everyone retains a lawyer, you need to ensure you’re protected too.

For years, we have provided the proper counsel and representation for real estate funds and firms looking to purchase commercial properties. Our prime focus is ensuring your ROI and a smooth transaction. We are ready to help you and your associates do the same.